Stanes Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School was a result of the realization of the vision of Sir Robert Stanes. He spent his life for the betterment of the neglected masses in Coimbatore. Soaring higher and higher over the years, Stanes Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School has contributed largely to the development of the nation. His birth: Our founder, Sir Robert Stanes was born in London on 13th, May 1841. He was educated in Campden House School, Brighton. At the age of seventeen he left England for India making a voyage round the Cape. He had come to join his pioneer brothers in the Nilgiris to run the family coffee plantation business. Robert Stanes worked as a planter with his brother Thomas Stanes. He paid his first visit to Coimbatore in 1860. Humble beginnings: Robert Stanes was compassionate towards the downtrodden people. He was anxious to do some good amongst the people who were much neglected and started a Sunday School for children. Finding them entirely uneducated, he started a day school in a little rented house near Kumaran market. The school commenced on 6th November, 1862 with two boys, two girls and two teachers. The school then moved to a house near the TELC Church, where it continued for more than 50 years. The school then occupied the building which is presently the General Post Office. The present campus: With increasing number of students Robert Stanes was particular that the school campus must be very spacious. So he bought the present campus in Avinashi Road. The foundations for the buildings were laid on 23rd September 1927. Amid pomp and splendor befitting the occasion of the foundation of the present school he stated that, the unseen foundation of the new building was being laid on the solid ground of Gods Word, the Bible. This school has ever been noted as a Protestant Evangelical School where the word of God is read and taught daily. His wish for the children was that they go forth into life as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ putting Him first in all things. An industrialist: In the year 1861, he found the climate of Coimbatore suitable for coffee curing and later for the ginning of cotton manufacture. Hence he started Stanes Coffee Curing Works. This industry was one of the earliest to introduce mechanisation in the curing process and this was effected by 1863. The engine stands as a proud relic within the Stanes property, Coimbatore.

Contributions to Coimbatore: After an era of battles and unrest, Coimbatore settled down in the year 1800 during which there were only about 2000 houses. History records that there were no big chances in Coimbatore until 1865. In 1864, Coimbatore was constituted a Municipality, Robert Stanes being the Councils first Chairman at the age of 23, served as a backbone in modernizing the city. On 14th November 1888, the Coimbatore Spinning and Weaving Mills financed by Robert Stanes thrust its first great chimney skywards. Sir Robert Stanes has left an indelible mark in the progress and development of his adopted homeland, Coimbatore and the Nilgris. It is an established fact that it was Robert Stanes who set the pace for the modernization of Coimbatore, the city, which later blossomed into the Manchester of South India. A light that shone: Sir Robert Stanes rested in the Lord at a ripe age of 95 on 6th September 1936. His demise was personal loss to thousands whose lives he had touched. As written in Mathew 5:16, Let your light shine before men that they may see the good things you do and praise your Father in heaven, he was indeed a light which shone for the glory of the Lord. His vision: Robert Stanes was always concerned about the spiritual and emotional development of a child which is highlighted in one of his letters Let a boy be educated as best as he can, let him be the finest sportsman in school; but also let him understand that he needs Christ to make his education and physical training of real use in the world. Sir Robert Stanes impressed upon the young the extreme necessity of clinging to the Bible in spite of all dissuasion. In one of his letters, he urges both teachers and scholars to do their best to keep up the good reputation of the school by earnest work and in dependence upon God and His eternal Word. The present mighty institution has sent out thousands of boys and girls, thoroughly equipped for the battle of life, morally, intellectually and physically. The high ideals of our founder have been realized by the members of the Governing Board, the dedicated Principal and the devoted members of the staff. Stanes School stands as a shining beacon to the people of Coimbatore and lives up to its motto- Excelsa Sequar (Aim for the highest) TO GOD BE THE GLORY.


STANES SCHOOL - CBSE is recognised with Government of Tamilnadu vide Recognition Code No. 02-S-0009-0619

STANES SCHOOL - CBSE Germinated from seed strength of 100 students, 6 teachers and 1 Supporting staff.

The high ideals of our Founder have been released by the members of the Governing Board, to set up a CBSE Stream in the same campus with a dedicated Principal and devoted members of staff. Today, having successfully completed 153 years of service to the nation.