Challenges that haunt the Teachers & the Parents of 21st Century Education opens the window to the world; turns an ordinary man into an extraordinary one with its spell; bridges the gaps and establishes equality between the high and the low in the society; and it's the world's noblest philosophy. Education paves the way for attaining our goals and shaping up our lives. Education is not meant to seek fame, but to earn an honour and dignity through what one has learnt. The one who has an ambition attains his goal and the vice versa.

The 21st Century poses lots of challenges for imparting quality education, so our Instructional Pedagogies need to be designed, revamped and oriented in such a way to overcome the challenges of the present century. The School Syllabus need not merely focus on the glorification of the ancient history-the then won battles and achievements, on the other hand it should gear the child up to fulfill his/her present as well as future needs. 

he school system should focus on holistic development of the child having the child as the "centre" of the teaching learning process. As the world has become a global village, we should all prepare ourselves to be techno-savvy before students, who are astoundingly and inspiringly tall. In the modern world, teachers are expected to be updated with the latest technological revolutions, and should have enormous interests to learn what is not known to her/him. In ancient times, students considered their teachers as their gurus and were dependent on them, borrowing their ideas and opinions taking every word of them as their life's philosophy, whereas the present generation is not dependent on their gurus, as today they can access, collect and collate information from internet. So if we don't "update" ourselves with the latest information or developments we will be "outdated"-lagging behind!

If only education is imparted as per the demands of the present gen, will teaching-learning process become interesting; otherwise it's going to be waste of time and energy, amounting to no good. If only the students, the teachers and the parents, realizing their collective responsibilities, work together, they will be able to meet the demands posed by the 21st century. There are innumerable talents dormant and untapped in every student; it is the responsibility of the teacher to discover and develop them, nurturing their inclinations. Parents may discuss and put forward the abounding opportunities, but we should not foil own aspirations on the children. Instead we should encourage our children to attain their goal. Only then can our country see intellectuals and scholars in every field.

Education is not merely book-oriented, It should prepare the child beyond the textbook and connect it with the real life scenario and their life independently. Marks can never determine one's intelligence and potential. In every student may be a singer, an artist, a poet, a reporter, a news reader, a fashion designer, a teacher, a writer etc. This should be identified and developed so that they may become great as per their inclinations and ambition. The phenomena that medicine and engineering are the topmost professions one can think of should be purged out from the minds of the people. There are endless opportunities awaiting them in the world-just waiting for them to discover! Dr. Abdul Kalam's words: every person in this world has a page in the history, but it is the individual who has to make others to see and read it! Let the teachers and the parents dedicate wholly themselves to walk that-extra-mile to be a supporting, enervating and motivating factor towards making the child's dreams come true. This is the greatest thing that someone can do to a growing child!