EDUCATION IS NOT THE LEARNING OF FACTS, BUT THE TRAINING OF THE MINDS TO THINK.                                                 

                                                                                   ALBERT EINSTEIN


We welcome you to another exciting year of learning for our children at STANES CBSE!!

Every student at STANES CBSE is a very special individual who needs a happy, secure, and challenging environment to grow. It is vital that your child receives an excellent start to schooling in a friendly, caring and family atmosphere.


STANES CBSE recognises the importance of their schooling years that act as the framework for moulding them into successful and responsible individuals.


We believe that a technology driven system with preparedness, infrastructure and readiness is essential for today’s student community that is witnessed in STANES CBSE. It’s been realised keenly that context and sociality play a huge role in learning and this is true for young children.


Our teachers do a remarkable job of pulling together a diverse set of students that push us to question and rethink on how teaching can be. The word ‘how’ is the most essential part of education, for ‘the how’ is about learning ‘how to think’.


At STANES, we enable authentic student-centred learning and pedagogies that have real-world applications. STANES CBSE envisions excellence in every child and educates students to become lifelong changemakers. With a clear and an uninhibited vision, our students can progress towards the goodness of life.


Teacher relationships with students, co-curricular activities, student celebrations, are essential to ensure that each student relates to our school. Our curriculum, instructional practices, and intervention programs are all designed to enhance student success. The commitment of our staff to support each student is central to their achievement.


Our school continues to make positive growth and we believe this happens because of the support and cooperation that we receive from PARENTS!


Wishing you all the Best!! Stay positive and productive !!Keep Learning