The seed sprouts into a seedling, then the seedling grows into a plant and the plant in turn grows into a huge tree. STANES SCHOOL-CBSE is nothing but vision, and this vision metamorphosed into this thriving institution.

I am immensely happy to state STANES SCHOOL-CBSE is to impart quality value-based education to young minds and besides imparting knowledge is on road to take the Learners-the students beyond the classroom learning to connect them to the real-life learning, according them an excellent, conducive and congenial learning atmosphere. In view of this noble ideal, I am inviting the stakeholders, parents and well-wishers to experience the educational revolution that is unfolding magnificently in a well-equipped, furnished, modernized stress-free school campus.

Let the teachers and the parents dedicate wholly themselves to walk that-extra-mile to be a supporting, enervating and motivating factor towards making the child's dreams come true. This is the greatest thing that someone can do to a growing child!

I am sure that students are not only imparted knowledge but also inculcated values and ethics to uphold the true purpose of education and to become the responsible citizens and assets to the nation. The best citizens are made in the classrooms. I am certain the Principal along with his industrious team- teaching and non-teaching fraternity will steer the School to dizzying heights to achieve many laurels and fulfill the dreams of our organisation.

Wishing you all Good luck for the future!

Mrs. Mercy Oommen