e- Spice - The Computer Club of STANES-CBSE consists of the brightest students in the field of I.T. Flash Animation, Digital Imaging, Programming, Compu-talk and Quizzing are just some of the skills in which e-Spice members excel.

All e-Spice club members are handpicked by the computer science department of the school on the basis of their skills, experience and contribution after an interview.

Each Department in e-Spice is led by a teacher in-charge and a student in- charge and may comprise of 2-4 student members.

Each member chosen is an expert in the field to which he belongs. Movies being made in just a few hours for the concluding day of various events which are held in our school, and the near professional quality which they showcase clearly indicates the talent of the students.

e-Spice forms an elite team of computer enthusiasts, who have represented the school in various events at school, state and national level excelling in nearly all of them as well as securing top position, and hence bringing about nearly a dozen trophies in an academic session.

The main event of the club is the event named after the club itself.

e-Spice – The computer symposium held at STANES-CBSE is known to be one of the most competitive and popular competition of its type. Great prizes and heart racing competitions in areas of Quizzing, Digital Imaging, Programming, Crossword, Web Designing, Gaming, GD, Music Mixing are only a few of the things that attract many schools to participate. Recently, events like ” best out of e-waste” have been introduced to reinforce the “environment – friendly” aspects of modern development, an initiative, which would ultimately make students think twice before they dump e – waste.

e-Spice also conducts INTELLECT-an intra school I.T. symposium at house and section levels. This event aims to identify future members and leaders of the club and to also make sure that every student gets a platform to showcase his techno-talent.

To conclude with, e-Spice is one of the best computer clubs among many of its kind, fully equipped with the latest technology and the most tech savvy students.