For students of Class I to Class IX, Promotion will be granted on the basis of their overall performance during the academic session. Their performance will be tested through continuous / periodic assessments.

The general criterion for promotion to the next higher class is contingent on the student's grasping power of the subject of the class sufficiently well to understand and comprehend the syllabus of the next higher class conveniently without any pressure on his / her tender body and mind. A child should obtain at least 'C' Grade.

It is the philosophy of STANES SCHOOL - CBSE to bring out the best from the students and to unravel and unearth their hidden talents without putting them under too much stress and strain. So, parents should encourage their wards to participate in activities and competitions.

The performance of students will be assessed by means of Periodic Tests, Notebooks and Projects and Annual Assessment.

There are three periodic tests: PT1, PT2 & PT3 and the Annual Assessment according to the following schedule.

PT1, PT2 and PT3  Average of best 2-PTs (of 20 marks) in all subjects.

The marks secured by the students in Average of the Periodic Tests are finally converted to ten respectively.

Notebooks (5 marks) and Project (5 marks) shall be awarded in the Academic Session.