Stanes Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School was a result of the realization of the vision of Sir Robert Stanes. He spent his life for the betterment of the neglected masses in Coimbatore. Soaring higher and higher over the years, Stanes Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School has contributed largely to the development of the nation. His birth: Our founder, Sir Robert Stanes was born in London on 13th, May 1841. He was educated in Campden House School, Brighton. At the age of seventeen he left England for India making a voyage round the Cape. He had come to join his pioneer brothers in the Nilgiris to run the family coffee plantation business. Robert Stanes worked as a planter with his brother Thomas Stanes. He paid his first visit to Coimbatore in 1860. Humble beginnings: Robert Stanes was compassionate towards the downtrodden people. He was anxious to do some good amongst the people who were much neglected and started a Sunday School for children. Finding them entirely uneducated, he started a day school in a little rented house near Kumaran market. The school commenced on 6th November, 1862 with two boys, two girls and two teachers. The school then moved to a house near the TELC Church, where it continued for more than 50 years. The school then occupied the building which is presently the General Post Office. The present campus: With increasing number of students Robert Stanes was particular that the school campus must be very spacious. So he bought the present campus in Avinashi Road. The foundations for the buildings were laid on 23rd September 1927. Amid pomp and splendor befitting the occasion of the foundation of the present school he stated that, the unseen foundation of the new building was being laid on the solid ground of Gods Word, the Bible. This school has ever been noted as a Protestant Evangelical School where the word of God is read and taught daily. His wish for the children was that they go forth into life as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ putting Him first in all things. An industrialist: In the year 1861, he found the climate of Coimbatore suitable for coffee curing and later for the ginning of cotton manufacture. Hence he started Stanes Coffee Curing Works. This industry was one of the earliest to introduce mechanisation in the curing process and this was effected by 1863. The engine stands as a proud relic within the Stanes property, Coimbatore.

Contributions to Coimbatore: After an era of battles and unrest, Coimbatore settled down in the year 1800 during which there were only about 2000 houses. History records that there were no big chances in Coimbatore until 1865. In 1864, Coimbatore was constituted a Municipality, Robert Stanes being the Councils first Chairman at the age of 23, served as a backbone in modernizing the city. On 14th November 1888, the Coimbatore Spinning and Weaving Mills financed by Robert Stanes thrust its first great chimney skywards. Sir Robert Stanes has left an indelible mark in the progress and development of his adopted homeland, Coimbatore and the Nilgris. It is an established fact that it was Robert Stanes who set the pace for the modernization of Coimbatore, the city, which later blossomed into the Manchester of South India. A light that shone: Sir Robert Stanes rested in the Lord at a ripe age of 95 on 6th September 1936. His demise was personal loss to thousands whose lives he had touched. As written in Mathew 5:16, Let your light shine before men that they may see the good things you do and praise your Father in heaven, he was indeed a light which shone for the glory of the Lord. His vision: Robert Stanes was always concerned about the spiritual and emotional development of a child which is highlighted in one of his letters Let a boy be educated as best as he can, let him be the finest sportsman in school; but also let him understand that he needs Christ to make his education and physical training of real use in the world. Sir Robert Stanes impressed upon the young the extreme necessity of clinging to the Bible in spite of all dissuasion. In one of his letters, he urges both teachers and scholars to do their best to keep up the good reputation of the school by earnest work and in dependence upon God and His eternal Word. The present mighty institution has sent out thousands of boys and girls, thoroughly equipped for the battle of life, morally, intellectually and physically. The high ideals of our founder have been realized by the members of the Governing Board, the dedicated Principal and the devoted members of the staff. Stanes School stands as a shining beacon to the people of Coimbatore and lives up to its motto- Excelsa Sequar (Aim for the highest) TO GOD BE THE GLORY.


STANES SCHOOL - CBSE is recognised with Government of Tamilnadu vide Recognition Code No. 02-S-0009-0619

STANES SCHOOL - CBSE Germinated from seed strength of 100 students, 6 teachers and 1 Supporting staff.

The high ideals of our Founder have been released by the members of the Governing Board, to set up a CBSE Stream in the same campus with a dedicated Principal and devoted members of staff. Today, having successfully completed 153 years of service to the nation. 

The seed sprouts into a seedling, then the seedling grows into a plant and the plant in turn grows into a huge tree. STANES SCHOOL-CBSE is nothing but vision, and this vision metamorphosed into this thriving institution.

I am immensely happy to state STANES SCHOOL-CBSE is to impart quality value-based education to young minds and besides imparting knowledge is on road to take the Learners-the students beyond the classroom learning to connect them to the real-life learning, according them an excellent, conducive and congenial learning atmosphere. In view of this noble ideal, I am inviting the stakeholders, parents and well-wishers to experience the educational revolution that is unfolding magnificently in a well-equipped, furnished, modernized stress-free school campus.

Let the teachers and the parents dedicate wholly themselves to walk that-extra-mile to be a supporting, enervating and motivating factor towards making the child's dreams come true. This is the greatest thing that someone can do to a growing child!

I am sure that students are not only imparted knowledge but also inculcated values and ethics to uphold the true purpose of education and to become the responsible citizens and assets to the nation. The best citizens are made in the classrooms. I am certain the Principal along with his industrious team- teaching and non-teaching fraternity will steer the School to dizzying heights to achieve many laurels and fulfill the dreams of our organisation.

Wishing you all Good luck for the future!

Mrs. Mercy Oommen

STANES SCHOOL - CBSE believes that true education must be life sustaining and life empowering. We live our faith through a creative and competent actualization of a school culture that is broad in vision and embraces the multiplicity that characterizes our words. STANES SCHOOL is a wholesome, happy school with Indian values and an international outlook.

Education is not merely book-oriented; it should prepare the child beyond the textbook and  make them ready for the real life outside the school’s environment.   Marks can never determine one's intelligence and potential. In every student there may be a singer, an artist,  poet,  reporter, an engineer, doctor,  fashion designer,  teacher, writer,  etc. There are endless opportunities awaiting them in the world,  which their unique character and skills fit best.

Our Institution’s aim is to cater to the educational needs of children belonging to different strata of our society in Coimbatore and beyond.

Our school aims to provide each child with a holistic learning experience based upon our traditional values amidst the rapid pace of technological change.

"Time is not measured by the passing of years but by what one does, what one feels, and what one achieves" said Jawaharlal Nehru.

"Education which does not mould character is wholly worthless”, said Mahatma Gandhi. With these ideals as the base and the vision of our Founder, Sir Robert Stanes, I am sure the school will under no circumstance compromise on values and ethics to mould our children into becoming model citizens of India.

 I am also confident that the Principal and our team of dedicated teachers in the classrooms and the sports fields will impart the essential knowledge and skills to every child so that they may live up to our school’s motto, “Excelsa Sequar” Aim for the highest.


We, at STANES SCHOOLS, Coimbatore,  have been making earnest efforts to mould model citizens for the country instilling in them the virtues of diligence, perseverance, ability to think independently,  concern for the well-being and welfare of Society, sympathy and empathy with the needy and being able to confront the challenges of the times to strive for excellence.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which one can use to change the world:" Nelson Mandela. Our focus is on the holistic development of the pupil and our vision is to create a teaching-learning ambience to reap excellence. Every facet of the pupil's interest is taken care of, and excellent training is given to hone the skills of the students.

In addition, STANES SCHOOL-CBSE has been constantly endeavouring to unearth the innate talents of the students and develop them to the fullest. Stupendous efforts have been put in by the Principal and his teaching team to equip the pupils with a sense of understanding, appreciation, self-expression, self-reliance and independent-thinking and applying these ideas and the facts to real-life situations.

Our school Website serves as the key bond between the school and the parents. On the one hand it keeps the parents informed of  the activities, events and programmes of the school and on the other hand it disseminates information on laurels earned and academic excellence of the stalwart  STANITES, of the past years.

W.R. Gardner

Hony. Secretary

Challenges that haunt the Teachers & the Parents of 21st Century Education opens the window to the world; turns an ordinary man into an extraordinary one with its spell; bridges the gaps and establishes equality between the high and the low in the society; and it's the world's noblest philosophy. Education paves the way for attaining our goals and shaping up our lives. Education is not meant to seek fame, but to earn an honour and dignity through what one has learnt. The one who has an ambition attains his goal and the vice versa.

The 21st Century poses lots of challenges for imparting quality education, so our Instructional Pedagogies need to be designed, revamped and oriented in such a way to overcome the challenges of the present century. The School Syllabus need not merely focus on the glorification of the ancient history-the then won battles and achievements, on the other hand it should gear the child up to fulfill his/her present as well as future needs. 

he school system should focus on holistic development of the child having the child as the "centre" of the teaching learning process. As the world has become a global village, we should all prepare ourselves to be techno-savvy before students, who are astoundingly and inspiringly tall. In the modern world, teachers are expected to be updated with the latest technological revolutions, and should have enormous interests to learn what is not known to her/him. In ancient times, students considered their teachers as their gurus and were dependent on them, borrowing their ideas and opinions taking every word of them as their life's philosophy, whereas the present generation is not dependent on their gurus, as today they can access, collect and collate information from internet. So if we don't "update" ourselves with the latest information or developments we will be "outdated"-lagging behind!

If only education is imparted as per the demands of the present gen, will teaching-learning process become interesting; otherwise it's going to be waste of time and energy, amounting to no good. If only the students, the teachers and the parents, realizing their collective responsibilities, work together, they will be able to meet the demands posed by the 21st century. There are innumerable talents dormant and untapped in every student; it is the responsibility of the teacher to discover and develop them, nurturing their inclinations. Parents may discuss and put forward the abounding opportunities, but we should not foil own aspirations on the children. Instead we should encourage our children to attain their goal. Only then can our country see intellectuals and scholars in every field.

Education is not merely book-oriented, It should prepare the child beyond the textbook and connect it with the real life scenario and their life independently. Marks can never determine one's intelligence and potential. In every student may be a singer, an artist, a poet, a reporter, a news reader, a fashion designer, a teacher, a writer etc. This should be identified and developed so that they may become great as per their inclinations and ambition. The phenomena that medicine and engineering are the topmost professions one can think of should be purged out from the minds of the people. There are endless opportunities awaiting them in the world-just waiting for them to discover! Dr. Abdul Kalam's words: every person in this world has a page in the history, but it is the individual who has to make others to see and read it! Let the teachers and the parents dedicate wholly themselves to walk that-extra-mile to be a supporting, enervating and motivating factor towards making the child's dreams come true. This is the greatest thing that someone can do to a growing child!



Olympiad Exams through SOF will be offered for all students from Class I onwards.

Assistance is offered by the respective staff to help the child face the exams. Parents are requested to encourage their wards to join these classes and undertake the tests.

Olympiad Exam provides the most conducive as well as testing opportunity to students to show their depth of knowledge and sharpness of intelligence. The main purpose of this exam is to provide a perfect platform to students through which they may naturally develop their mental and confidence levels.

It also gives a chance for students in Stanes School CBSE to sharpen their skills by tackling a number of problems at a level they are not likely to encounter in their classrooms. Thus it provides a unique competitive platform through and identify the young geniuses and create a talent pool for the future.


Give your child a head start in English. The Cambridge English Exams conducted by the British Council are offered for all Students from Class I onwards.

Cambridge English is a unique approach to teaching, learning and assessing English. It combines the experience and expertise of Cambridge English Language Assessment and Cambridge University Press. The tests provided by Cambridge English Language Assessment are designed to assess how learners use English to communicate in real-life situations and Teachers prepare students for exams by giving them communication skills they can use for everyday life, work and study.

It has been a great privilege for STANES CBSE to introduce the learning opportunity from the BRITISH COUNCIL in preparing our students to take up these tests which are set to International Standards, aligned to the Common European Framework of reference for languages. As a result, learners were exposed to a wide range of topics outside their school curriculum, broadening their horizons and acquiring knowledge in language and various cultures. Many of our students took up the assessment and performed excellently. These exams, test the children in skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Young Learners English Tests (YLE), is a suite of English language examinations specially designed for children in primary and lower-secondary school.

The tests offered were as follows: Young Learners English (YLE)  Cambridge English: Starters (YLE Starters)  Cambridge English: Movers (YLE Movers) Cambridge English: Flyers (YLE Flyers)

The training and assessment has helped our children to enrich their language skills, comprehending skill and confidence to converse grammatically well with their peer group.
The School gives Awards to students Showing Exemplary performance in academics and co-curricular activities: Awards for Co-Scholastic Activities: Merit Certificate: A Merit Certificate and an Achiever's badge / Medal shall be awarded to each student who:- - Attains 100% Attendance - Excels in showing environmental concern - Excels in showing respect for human values - Excels in games and sports - If a student does not appear for General knowledge or Computer Science Assessment, he/she is not eligible for Merit Certificate and Achiever's badge / Medal. (Wherever applicable) - No Award shall be given to a student if he/she takes Transfer Certificate and leaves the School.

Math Lab provides an opportunity to students to understand and internalize the basic mathematical concepts through concrete objects and situations. It enables the students to verify or discover several geometrical properties and facts using models or by paper cutting and folding techniques. It helps the students to build interest and confidence in learning the subject.

The laboratory provides opportunity to exhibit the relatedness of mathematical concepts with everyday life. It provides greater scope for individual participation in the process of learning and becoming autonomous learners. It provides scope for greater involvement of both the mind and the hand which facilities cognition. The laboratory allows and encourages the students to think, discuss with each other and the teacher and assimilate the concepts in a more effective manner. It enables the teacher to demonstrate, explain and reinforce abstract mathematical ideas by using concrete objects, models, charts, graphs, pictures, posters, etc.

Most of the above skills easily developed by using indigenous materials like paper, sticks, pins, thread, plywood, card boards and several other simple locally available materials. The objective of the laboratory is to promote critical thinking and ability to approach a problem in different ways. It is therefore essential that our students are exposed to think differently and approach problems without any fear. It calls for taking the concepts of Mathematics beyond the limitations of the text books.

I cannot think of a single field in biology or medicine in which we can claim genuine understanding, and it seems to be the more we learn about living creatures, especially ourselves, the stranger life becomes. Scientific knowledge is gained by doing various activities. In our Student-Centered Biology Lab all the students from class VI to XII are actively participating in all the experiments.Always practical knowledge strengthens the theoretical knowledge so students can experience the pleasure of discovery and development of their psycho-motor skills in the lab. Our lab is highly equipped with sophisticated microscopes and important slides, models of various systems of organisms as well as all common specimens of animals and plants gives a chance to the students to study with the assistance of demos and practically performed dissection. Adequate and appropriate facilities, materials, work tables and other equipment is provided for all the students. The lab is spacious for doing all the special projects, experiments etc. chemicals ,sinks, a water supply and electrical outlets available in sufficient quantity to support a laboratory. Sufficing ventilation, reference materials help the students to eagerly participate in group activities. Our laboratories attest to our commitment to provide high quality education. At the same time students can Increase their creative thinking by, learning by doing and it helps to compare how scientific knowledge may be used in daily life, the best Laboratory work also gives the students to experience science by using scientific research procedures. In order to achieve meaningful learning, scientific theories and their application methods should be experienced by students at least weekly once in our lab. Moreover, laboratory work should encourage the development of analytical and critical thinking skills and encourage interest in science .