A.V. Room

Our school has well equipped and furnished Audio Visual Room. The main purpose of having this facility for students is the fact that whatever is seen by our eyes is retained by the brain more effectively. So with this view in mind, we ensure that we supplement the theoretical instructions with audio visual aids. Our Audio Visual Room can accommodate up to 50 students for viewing and presentation purposes. Film showing / CD, DVD (movies, computer files, book supplements, educational videos) Class presentations that would require the use of equipment and facilities (power point presentation, etc) are some of the basic purposes fulfilled in the Audio Visual Room. Science Experiments, Geography projects, Historical places can be demonstrated on the big screen in the AV Room. The Multimedia Centre has sparked the imagination and creativity of the students producing outstanding art work, photography, documentaries, music production and dance club at the centre. A large collection of educational CDs and DVDs are used regularly as teaching aids for enhancement of the students’ learning. As it is rightly said that I hear-I forget, I see-I remember, I do-I understand. Audio- visual lab caters to the need of students at Stanes CBSE to stimulate their retention power and interests in various subjects.