Discovery room is a great way to introduce wonders of the school exploration. Discovery room is one that provides opportunities for interactive and inquiry based investigations. They are uniquely innovative rooms that helps in fostering the growth of a child's innovation.

In our school we have a discovery room that is filled with rich scientific knowledge, priceless artifacts and amazing collections that are done by our thought provoking children. We had just begin it with hand-on exploration in a quiet, safe and immersive exhibition space. The children were able to experience a guided exploration process. They were able to grab the imaginary observation of different artifacts. They were also able to enjoy and praise the hard work of the fellow students.

The discovery room initiates children to enjoy the universal learning through miniatures of geographical objects and elements. This creative room provoke opportunities for interactive, inquiry based investigations. They are uniquely innovative platform designed to foster and facilitate children's explorations.

These learning environment provide opportunities for hands on experience that prepare the young minds for later science experiences. This ingenious room includes interactive exhibits, hands-on discovery boxes, animal displays and space for self-directed explorations of models and other materials.

Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different. Activities are designed to promote their practical knowledge and cooperative learning among children. It is based on hands-on interactive and inquiry based exploration. And discovery.