The world is a stage, and all the men and women merely players. As per the word of Shakespeare our open air theatre gives the students an opportunity to show case their talents.

Our theatre has wide board spacious elegant and vibrant dais which help the students to perform their enactment. Our school students are given fair opportunity to bring out their talents spontaneously. The students are engraved with high potentiality to deliver their ideas without any hesitation. The vibrant theatre boosts them to blossom their confidence, self esteem and self glorification.

The students of Stanes School CBSE surpass on various activities much as classical drama, dance, skit, one art play, dance dramas, soliloquies and musical events. Through these activities students assists to give their own aroma and vibrant colors to their performances. It elevates the students to work collaboratively and take up their responsibility sincerely and energetically. It paves the way for public speaking. Thus leading toward the exposure of their unique talents.