Library is a resource centre of the School. It is a collection of sources of Information and similar resources, made accessible to a defined student community for reference. Library is a place set apart to contain books, periodicals, and other materials for reading, viewing, listening, study or reference, as a room, where books may be read or borrowed.

The Library is enriched with 2176 books, 15 Journals, 20 Magazines, 105 Non-book materials, 9 Newspapers, etc,. It has abundant reference resources such as Dictionaries, Childrens Encyclopedias, Yearbooks, General studies, & Competitive Exam books, short stories for primary students. The Library is fully automated by using Inspro plus software where in all the resources are classified with DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification); books are bar-coded for accessibility. The Students/Staff obtain copies information from the STANES SCHOOL CBSE Library. Each student gets a chance to borrow one book in a week; Staff can borrow 3 books at a time. Lists of useful websites are also updated to the Students/Staff for their online reference.

The STANES CBSE Library will inculcate good reading habits and make the students an explicit respectable Leader and Virtual Citizen of India. The Students/Staff will gain Knowledge; in order to become a worthy Resource person in and around the World. They develop morality and individuality in order to obtain success in the careers.