Each day is a day of decision and our decision determines our destiny by Russel M. Nelson

The commodious conference room in our school STANES CBSE is a specially furnished room with adequate facilities to conduct all significant meetings such as collaborative, seminars, workshops, training, programmers, presentations and board meetings. It brings forth a platform for all staff members to execute and plan for the optimum outcome of our cherishing buds.

The infrastructure offers an array of latest technology and audio / visual including audio and video conferencing and projection screens, Blu-Ray / DVD players, computers, PC inputs and microphones. It is the platform where each individual is able to express their perspectives.

As per the quote Concision in style, precision in thought and decision in life. All the members of staff join hands to make this place a better one for every individual. Conference hall paves way for social interaction and creates harmonious situation to develop all the potentials that is inbuilt in our teachers. It forms a web of feedback, positive exchange of ideas, debate, considerations, brief demonstrations and audit reports.

On the whole, Unity in Diversity becomes the nucleus of our school community.