Education is the measure to bring all round development to a child. A child needs to be trained both in academic and co-curricular activities. The objective of education cannot be attained by confining one to the limited boundary. We have to cross the boundary in order to achieve the goal of education. Co-curricular activities facilitate a child to grow physically, mentally, socially and intellectually. A child learns a lot of ethics and values by games and sports, and thus attains growth. STANES-CBSE, is the institution where the children are given maximum exposure to games and sports. In addition, the school organizes sports events in the school where the children display their full-hearted participation. The activities and the events that the school facilitates the children with, work as wonders to train the children in learning good habits and in gaining all round development.

A sound mind lives in a sound body . STANES-CBSE strictly clings to this adage for complete all round personality development of a child. The school campus boasts of myriad of facilities in vicinity like standard cricket field, Foot ball field, Basketball Court, Badminton Courts, Tennis court, Volleyball Court, Table tennis court, Taekwondo arena etc. A feather to the cap is an international style Indoor Stadium with all the modern amenities.

The ultimate aim of STANES-CBSE is to make every child well developed by external as well as internal means. And for that we have almost all sought of sports activities We really believe in motto of STANES-CBSE i.e. Excelsa Sequar  Aim for the Highest and Sports plays a main role to fulfill this desire.