We, at STANES SCHOOLS, Coimbatore have been making earnest efforts to mould best citizens of the country instilling in them the virtues of diligence, perseverance, ability to think independently, being concerned about the well-being and welfare of the society, being sympathetic and empathetic to the needy and being able to confront the challenges of the times striving for excellence.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela. Our focus on holistic development of the pupil and our vision is to create latest teaching-learning ambience to reap excellence. Every facet of the pupil's interest is taken care of, and excellent training is given to hone the skills of the students.

In addition, STANES SCHOOL-CBSE has been constantly endeavouring to unearth the innate talents of the students and develop them to the fullest. Stupendous efforts have been put in by the Principal and his teaching team to equip the pupils with the sense of understanding, appreciation, expression, juxtaposition of ideas and facts, self-reliance, independent-thinking-whys/ hows, wheres, whats of everything and to apply the ideas and the facts to real-life situations.

Our school Website and Almanac serve as the key bond between the school and the parents. On the one hand it keeps the parents intimated with the activities, events and programmes of the school and on the other hand it disseminates information of laurels, academic excellence of the stalwarts of STANITES to the people around in myriad forms of expression. Regards SECRETARY.